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NyShawn Nycole  | Travel Professional

I began my fascination will traveling during my time of service in the US Army. Meeting new people from all over the US opened my eyes to experiences and lifestyles unlike my own. I immediately wanted to Go!, visit, and see more of what our country had to offer. Many occasions I would warmly embrace being mistaken for being from various parts of the country, even to this day. I promise myself I will learn a new language and travel the world.

My very first vacation would take me to Ocho Rios, Jamaica its was the most relaxing and beautiful place I thought I could ever experience. Little did I know, the travel bug bit me really hard. I vowed to stamp my passport at the very least once a year. I would then travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico then off to South Africa, Costa Rica, Dubai, Amsterdam and this list goes on. I’m no where near done.

My passion for traveling opened my heart to welcoming vast variety of cultures, warm and cozy atmospheres, experiencing flavorful cuisines, and collecting handcrafted artifacts. All of which helps make me a better travel professional, you can benefit from.

When I research travel, I step into your shoes as if I’m on the vacation with you. I envision the experience from your eyes. I tap into your wants, needs, and add a bit of my high expectations to identify the highest quality experience. Then, I follow up and share all the details I can find to continue to excite you as you await your upcoming trip. You will not regret working with me as your travel professional, and I hope to share this experience with your friends and family alike. Lets take the next step together and book your next dream vacation. 

DeTour Travel Agency

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